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Whether you why come, what need, here are quick and convenient way to get Shi Hao Hardware assistance and services.
Shi Hao hardware partners throughout the provinces and regions, we are honest, and you create a better future.

Foshan Nanhai Shi Hao Hardware Factory
Add:Guangdong Foshan Nanhai Liansha Zone
人力資源Human Resources
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    To the future of new colleagues:
    As the saying goes: "popular person in the world, people who lost lost world",This famous saying in various fields constantly fulfilled with. Shi Hao Hardware For future new colleagues, prospective colleagues need in the most sincere heart, tells us the idea of employing and Shi Hao within the limits of hardware can give your development platform and space. We do not want to like slogans and lofty aspiration exaggerated speech the talent flicker over, after all, we believe that talent and companies are equal partnership, rather than simply the employment relationship.

Jobs: NengTai Recruitment Forum Open
Vacancies:  2People Deadline:  2013/12/20
Workplace:  佛山市 Salary:  面議
Education:   Specialist Age Requirements:  20To35Age
Work Experience:  All Employ methods:  Full-time
Job Description and Requirements:

NengTai Recruitment Forum Open Rights …...

Please click on "download resume templates" and use WORD program to open, complete it and click "Submit Resume" button or your resume will be delivered directly to the Ministry of Personnel mail ahao93@yahoo.com.cn place, we will reply as soon as possible you!

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