low cost sanitary napkin machine macaroni making machine:Fresh Made Pasta to Star at Semolina MKE

Release time:2022-04-26 13:50:36

low cost sanitary napkin machine macaroni making machine:Fresh Made Pasta to Star at Semolina MKE

  By Sheila Julson

  Specialty pasta shop Semolina MKE is slated to open mid-September in the space that for a time housed Terrazas Cakes and Pastries, 2474 S. Kinnickinnic Ave. In addition to fresh pasta, the store will offer Italian pantry staples such as olives, olive oil, and canned tomatoes plus deli favorites like cheese and cured meats.

  Owner Petra Orlowski is a restaurant industry veteran. She currently holds management positions at the Avalon Theater and the adjoining Mistral restaurant. She played various roles at Sanford for more than 20 years. She was a pastry chef at Sheridan’s and a front house manager at Blue’s Egg in Shorewood, until the restaurant closed permanently during the 2020 pandemic shutdown. (The original Blue’s Egg is still open.)

  After Blue’s Egg closed, Orlowski, a self-taught chef, started making pasta at home. “I started watching Pasta Grannies on TV and made pasta in the past,” she said. “Recently, I did the deep dive of trying lots of different doughs and shapes. I really enjoyed doing it and people enjoyed eating it!”

  So many people enjoyed eating it, in fact, that Orlowski felt she had a viable business model. She decided to take it to the next level by opening a store. “My friends wanted this pasta and kept saying, ‘We’ll buy it, we’ll buy it.’ There was enough interest,” she said. She also wasn’t aware of any similar businesses in the city.

  While working at the Avalon Theater, across the street from Semolina MKE, Orlowski said the vacant storefront kept “staring me in the face.” Lee Barczak, who owns the Avalon Theater, owns Semolina MKE building. Orlowski said when she toured the space, she knew it would be the ideal home for her store. She is currently in the licensing and inspection stage.

  So far, the process of opening the business has gone smoothly, Orlowski said. She is currently going through the licensing, inspection, and permitting process.

  Orlowski is of Italian descent and holds dual citizenship in the United States and Italy. Her mother is Sicilian. Orlowski was heavily influenced by her grandmother, whose kitchen was the gathering spot for the family. Orlowski and her sister and cousins often watched and learned from Grandma. “She created simple but very delicious food,” she said.

  The art of pasta

  There are two basic pasta dough types. There is egg and flour, which is commonly used for ribbon pasta, ravioli, or any kind of filled pasta. The other is flour and water that is used to create southern Italian-style pasta or “fun-shaped pasta,” Orlowski explained.

  Orlowski will make and sell fresh pasta onsite. She has an extruder pasta-making machine from Italy with four different bronze dies. Each form produces a different shape: maccherone, a curved tube-shaped pasta (think macaroni); mafaldine, along, ribbon pasta that resembles a narrow lasagna noodle; bucatini, a thick, hollow spaghetti-type pasta; and trofie, a corkscrew-shaped pasta. She will also make hand-shaped pasta.

  Her goal is to provision the store with some classic Italian essentials. “I’m hoping to have nice oil, quality canned tomatoes, and olives, salami, cheese, and wine—basically everything you would need to make dinner and have it on the table within an hour.”

  Orlowski hopes to source olive oil and tomatoes from Italy. She will source some of her flour from Meadowlark Organics in Ridgeway, WI. She wants to source vegetables for sauces from local farmers. 

  In addition to the retail component, Orlowski will also lead pasta-making classes. She’s still working on the frequency and styles of classes, but she’s already had some for friends and family. “Everybody seems to have a good time,” she says. “It’s a fun activity, and there will be wine involved!”

  Orlowski grew up in Bay View and attended Immaculate Conception grade school. She attended Bay View High School and St. Mary’s Academy. Her mother was also raised in Bay View.

  “I’m looking forward to getting in there and making food for people,” she said. “And I’ve had a lot of taste-testers along the way.”  

  More info and updates: facebook.com/SemolinaMKE.

low cost sanitary napkin machine macaroni making machine:Fresh Made Pasta to Star at Semolina MKE