pattal making machine paratha machine:Frozen Food Companies in Bangladesh: An Overview

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pattal making machine paratha machine:Frozen Food Companies in Bangladesh: An Overview

  The frozen food industry is one of the most thriving industries in Bangladesh and has become an integral part of the country’s economy. The frozen food industry in Bangladesh is expected to be worth over $420.48 million by 2024 and has been experiencing a 6.2% significant growth rate. Currently, the local brands are in the driving seat. This blog post lists some of the best companies that are leading this industry. The list includes brands like Kazi Farms Group, Golden Harvest Agro Industries Ltd, Pran Rfl Group Ltd, and more.

  Golden Harvest Agro Industries Ltd., which is one of the pioneers in frozen food manufacturing, has built its reputation on providing customers with a wide range of ready-to-cook products. The company’s locally well-known brand name brings peace and comfort to people. The brand is getting popular abroad too. Their frozen foods include paratha, chicken nuggets, samosa, french fries, daal puri, Singara, and more. Although the Golden Harvest parent company was established in 2000, the frozen food verticals were started in 2006.

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  PRAN is a well-known consumer brand that has around 10 different categories and produces more than 200 agro-based food items and delivers to 110 countries. This company’s frozen food has been on the go for a while now. They have already established themselves as one of the top players in this industry and their success just shows how innovative they are with what they do! Their most popular items include Jhatpot paratha, Jhatpot wonton, Jhatpot sausage, Jhatpot onion paratha, Jhatpot spring roll, Jhatpot samosa, and other 30+ items.

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  The AHSAN Group is one of the most influential agro-business in Bangladesh. Although the parent company was established in 1986, they founded AG Agro Foods Limited in 2015 which operates diversified sectors like dairy production and fishing industry with their own brands. Since its inception, they have been marketing halal processed whole chicken. Gradually the company has expanded to its frozen food category. AG Agro produces all of the products in their facility with strict quality control through European automated machines, making sure it adheres to international standards. Now they produce high-quality frozen items such as meatballs, nuggets, burger patties, sausages, marinated chicken parts, and more.

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  Kazi Farms Limited is one of the leading companies in Bangladesh in agro-based business. Kazi Food Industry, a company that produces chicken (boiler, layer) chicks, eggs, meat, and food, produces food for people, poultry, and cattle also has a private entertainment satellite television channel Dipto TV. Kazi Zahedul Hasan founded the Kazi Farms Group and the company started its journey in 1996 through importing hatchery eggs. However, they entered the frozen food industry in the last decade. Now they have a wide range of frozen products including paratha, sausages, singara, samosa, meatball, dal puri, and more.

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  Bengal Meat has a wide range of product frozen food categories from raw meat to read to cook snacks. Starting in 2007 they offer a variety of family-friendly frozen snacks to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for something quick and easy, or want the most exotic flavors around; they have got it all! We also provide great deals on the products. Bengal Meat produces beef burgers, Kolija singara, chicken drumstick, chicken nuggets, meatballs, etc.

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  Frozen Food Ltd is literally part of AFTAB GROUP, an enterprise that started its journey back in 1961. This company made history by processing and packaging frozen shrimp, seafood products, and freshwater fish. They process the foods through modern machinery & scientific methods with trained professionals ensuring quality output checks on every product marketed under FFL’s name globally. They supply foods both at home and abroad. They export to Canada, China, the USA, EU, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, and UAE.

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  Paragon’s Paradigm Shift is a revolutionary change in the poultry industry. They have created an integrated solution for securing your daily consumption by providing high-end feed, breeding grandparents, and processing plants that go all of those steps from Farms-to-Fork to deliver you wholesome meat at every stage. To ensure the safety of all the products, Paragon has a strong technical team and laboratory ready to go around the clock. With an emphasis on antibiotic residue-free birds formulated with scientifically backed ingredients from industry experts for human consumption. They produce frozen chicken mainly and other items such as dal puri, paratha, chicken momo, and more.

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  Sea Natural Food Ltd. is an initiative from Rangs Group, with Roja wishing to convey the value-added range in the seafood category through their innovative safe food strategy “Ocean To Plate” that allows customers access to sustainable sources for a healthier living while providing affordable prices they can afford. The company works tirelessly on all fronts – from hygiene practices that ensure only top-quality products are delivered assuring total customer satisfaction throughout its supply chain processes. The products include shrimp puri, seafood popcorn, fish burger, fish nuggets, shrimp nuggets, and more.

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  BD Seafood Limited, a subsidiary of the BD Group has been specializing in providing high-quality seafood from Bangladesh for years now. Started in 2007 they are mainly an export-oriented company, but they also supply seafood items in the local market. They are committed to ensuring that their standards exceed international expectations with state-of-the-art processing plants designed and engineered by European experts. The experts personally oversee every detail along this unique process all while maintaining global excellence through quality assurance programs that have become industry standard over time.

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  Apex Foods Limited is a 100% export-oriented value-added shrimp processing company. It has invested heavily in the latest technology to create high-quality products, which are well known across Asia and internationally for their consistency of taste. AFL was incorporated on 21 March 1979 under The Companies Act 1913.

  With so many choices in the frozen food aisle, it can be difficult to find a brand that is both affordable and tasty. But, the list we have compiled here are the top frozen food companies in Bangladesh. We hope these brands help you stay healthy with their delicious snacks and meals.

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pattal making machine paratha machine:Frozen Food Companies in Bangladesh: An Overview